Carl Drott Journalist Background 2



The Kurdish struggle in northern Syria (15 September 2017)


The revolutionaries of Bethnahrin (25 May 2015)

“Extremists” and “moderates” in Kobani (13 October 2014)


The drawn-out battle of Şingal (29 July 2015)

Kobani before the hurricane – part I (4 March 2015)

Kobani before the hurricane – part II (4 March 2015)

Le Monde diplomatique

Fighting power in Kobanî (26 September 2014)

In the hands of IS (17 September 2014)

Syria: who can you trust in Manajir? (8 April 2014)

Qamishli’s cold war (15 November 2013)


Islamic State closing in on Kurds in Syria (21 September 2014)

In Syria, Kurds fight a war within a war (2 November 2013)

Middle East Institute

What Kobani needs (5 December 2014)

Syria Comment

What’s at stake in Kobani: Islamic State and Kurdish calculations (9 October 2014)

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

The Syrian experiment with “Apoism” (20 May 2014)

Arab tribes split between Kurds and jihadists (15 May 2014)

Syrian Kurdish areas under the rule of law? (7 May 2014)

Syriac-Kurdish cooperation in northeast Syria (7 March 2014)

A Christian militia splits in Qamishli (6 March 2014)

Christian militia politics in Qamishli (4 December 2013)

Christians under pressure in Qamishli (3 December 2013)


As global efforts galvanize in Iraq, Syrian Kurds left alone against IS (18 September 2014)

Syrian Kurdish forces demobilize child soldiers (11 July 2014)

In Syria’s Kurdish regions, fuel shortages as demand outstrips supplies (17 March 2014)

Refugees stuck between Kurdish governments (12 March 2014)

Amid the destruction in Syria, Kurdish regions enjoy building boom (7 March 2014)

In Syria, displaced Arabs seek Kurdish protection (11 October 2013)

‘They held a knife on our necks’ (5 October 2013)

Stockholm Journal of International Affairs

Kurdish politician accuses rival party of collaboration with Syrian regime (12 November 2013)

Blockade takes its toll in northern Syria (29 September 2013)

Our Arabs in Xanaqin (4 August 2013)


Fria Tidningen

Efter Mosul väntar slaget om Hawija (24 May 2017)

Folkmordets offer har ingenstans att ta vägen (21 October 2016)

Dagens Arena

Yazidier kämpar för ett värdigt liv (12 August 2015)

Kurder omringade av IS i Syrien (26 September 2014)


De kämpar om varje by i Syrien (2 April 2014)


Kristna mot jihadister – men inte för Assad (25 March 2014)

Kurdiska kvinnor i den främsta linjen (24 October 2013)

Svenska Dagbladet

Kristet motstånd i Syrien (25 November 2013)

Frivärld Magasin

Kurdiskt självstyre i norra Syrien (18 February 2014)

Hjälpen som når fram till Syrien (21 January 2014)


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